Ylang Ylang & Jasmine and Bergamot & Black Pepper Luxury Hand Cream


Ylang Ylang is the mesmerising exotic scent full of sweet, floral aromas, also known as the "flower of flowers" this scent is first choice by leading Perfume and Aftershave Brands.
Combined with Jasmine takes you away to Mediterranean villages in the heat of Summer, as you walk though the winding hillside roads of street markets, the evening scent of Jasmine fills the warm summer evening air.

Drink a cup Earl Grey tea sitting at the Ritz the sweet earthy (Manly) scent of Bergamot fills the air, so they say!
Combined with Hot and Spicy Black Pepper create a scent that says 'Mine' if you are a modern man of course. This is perfect as an Aftershave Balm, this combination are the base of many leading aftershave brands.


This luscious individual of the scents of Ylang Ylang & Jasmine and Bergamot & Black Pepper.


Inspired by Jo Malone and Hugo Boss scented perfume and aftershaves.


Organic Hand & Body Cream are made with Organic Shea & Cocoa Butters for a highly moisturising experience. The cream is made with Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter & Organic Shea Butter for a highly moisturising experience. A gorgeously thick & creamy texture, this cream contains Organic Aloe Vera to soothe & calm the skin. Vitamin E-rich Organic Sunflower oil moisturises and repairs the skin. Highly moisturising Organic Shea Butter protects, softens and heals the skin, especially dry and damaged skin. It has mildly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, good moisture-retaining properties and protects the skin from the sun and from drying out. It has excellent softening properties making the skin soft and supple.Organic Cocoa Butter is packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants which help fight damaging free radicals and rejuvenate the skin. The emollient properties of cocoa butter act as a protective barrier by supplying and retaining moisture in the skin.

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