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Bergamot & Black Pepper 100% Pure Essential Oil.


Drink a cup Earl Grey tea sitting at the Ritz the sweet earthy (Manly) scent of Bergamot fills the air, so they say!
Combined with Hot and Spicy Black Pepper create a scent that says 'Mine' if you are a modern man of course. This is perfect as an Aftershave Balm, this combination are the base of many leading aftershave brands.


A fairly new phenomenon, male grooming has become ever more popular in recent years.

But for those new to the idea, at least you can keep things simple with this two-in-one Natural Aftershave Balm & Daily Moisturiser.

Gentle enough to be used every day and toning enough to be used after shaving, you get the best of both worlds.

This balm has an abundance of healing and essential oils - such as age-old Bergamot and Black Pepper It also contains vitamin-rich Organic Shea butter which will heal and soothe your poor skin after shaving.


All in all a wonderfully light yet moisturising healing cream with a deliciously masculine scent to boot. Sorted!

MENS organic Aftershave Balm moisturising cream


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