Perfectly scented Fresh Linen Fragrance oil  Room Spray - 100ml


Vanilla doesn’t just smell sweet, nuzzleable and delectably comforting:  it’s kind of magic, in flavour and perfume terms. When we smell or taste anything, our ‘receptors’ constantly wipe those fleeting encounters to prepare for the next flavour or a smell.  But when vanilla is added to food or fragrance, naturally-present vanillin (and other vanilloids, which we’ll talk about in a moment) work to ‘hold open’ our vanilloid receptors, slowing down this wiping process – which in turn gives us more time to perceive, experience and enjoy both scents and flavours. (Vanilloids are also found in cocoa, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and hot peppers – which partly explains why they’re all such ‘taste sensations’

Our room sprays are individually packaged in their own gift box ready for your to send as a gift or just for you to keep for yourself.

Room Spray - Vanilla scented 100ml